#AdsenseWednesdays: Adsense for Shopping – What’s in it for eCommerce Publishers?

#AdsenseWednesdays: Adsense for Shopping – What’s in it for eCommerce Publishers?

To be profitable in your eCommerce business is not always easy and success isn’t going to be instant. But eCommerce has grown to be one of the most profitable industries of the business world.

A Good revenue stream apart from eCommerce

There are days when you look at your Analytics and see that you had a lot of visitors yet very few or none have made a purchase. This is an example of a frustrating scenario, especially during non-peak seasons.

Google AdSense provides an avenue for you to earn extra income from your website through advertisements coming from Adwords’ Shopping Campaigns that you can place intelligently around your pages. The publisher earns a percentage for every sale made from Adsense for Shopping ads. This way, you have the means to augment your main income stream from pure commerce business.

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The Risk Involved

With that being said, there is an obvious risk associated with using AdSense on an eCommerce website. Adsense will not just post an ad on your site but it will show promotions that are highly-linked to your customers’ interest (interest-marketing). There might be times when ads of products similar to what you’re selling will show up. This is the most common reason why eCommerce publishers are hesitant in using Adsense.

The key here is well-thought-out placements. Choose pages to place ads where you are not directly selling – for example, reviews sections, forums, search pages, etc.

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Adsense for Shopping: What’s in it for publishers?

AdSense for shopping is the latest offering in website monetization for eCommerce publishers. It was launched in September 2014 but not a lot of shopping sites have taken advantage of this. This monetization offer lets you place Product Listing Ads onto your website. Similar to other AdSense products, your earning will depend on the performance of the ads placed on your site.

AdSense for Shopping offers publishers the following benefits:

  1. Multi-Device Traffic Monetization

Mobile is the most commonly used device where users compare products. Since AdSense for Shopping is designed for all devices, retailers and commerce publishers can easily monetize their non-converting mobile traffic.

  1. Make more product offerings to users so they keep coming back

By placing related product ads on your site, you encourage user engagement as they see the products they are interested in on your site. This also keeps your users to come back to your site again. Thanks to the billion products available on Google Shopping!

  1. Create a better user experience

By showing contextually-relevant product ads, users get engaged on your site and will appreciate your new kind of user-experience.

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