Ad Industry Link Roundup: October 2015

Ad Industry Link Roundup: October 2015

Ad Industry Link Roundup: October 2015

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What is a Private Marketplace for Publishers?

Private marketplaces offer the opportunity to set up a new pricing tier within a publisher’s

ad inventory. When a buyer bids for a private marketplace deal, they tend to be really high CPMs that incentivize the publisher to grant first look access. Find out more on how private marketplaces benefit publishers and why first-look is important to advertisers here.


How Multi-Size Pricing Works in DFP

With this new feature in DFP, publishers can maximize yield because they’ll be able to sell

their inventory at a specific value. Putting a minimum value for each of the sizes based on performance can ensure better returns on CPM.

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Google Gets Transparent: Interview With John Brown, The Head of Publisher Policy

Google took in John Brown, a publisher for many years, to head the publisher policy team

with the aim of improving policy communication. With this new role, we can expect Google to be more transparent to publishers, and eventually encourage more to join Adsense. Assigning a real person to interact with publishers is a sign of progress.


10 Most Common Adsense Violations – Memes Edition

Just for fun, we’ve created some memes of common AdSense violations we see publishers commit. Check out which ones you’re guilty of and you can contact us to help you become Google-compliant. Get started by signing up to Ad Exchange – the premium version of Adsense.


#AdOpsQ&A: How to Use HTML5 as Creatives in DFP Small Business

HTML5 optimizes loading times of rich-media sites and ads. Unfortunately, not a lot of publishers or even marketers know how to use it as a DFP creative. In this tutorial, the step-by-step process is complete and can serve to guide even DFP beginners.

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Google to pay only for Viewable Ads: What’s in it for Publishers?

Google now only pays for viewable ads on the Google Display Network (GDN). This benefits advertisers because they will only be paying for ads that were viewed. For publishers, this makes user experience a priority. In terms of revenue, publishers earning from CPC may not be as affected as those earning using the CPM pricing model. Check out the article for more tips on ad-viewability and user experience.

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Ad Network Review: AdTiger

Founded in 2004, AdTiger remains to be one of the largest ad networks in Germany. For publishers with audience in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, this could be a good addition to your ad stack. Find out more about working with AdTiger and what kind of results to expect from this partnership.


Levelling the Playing Field: Simplifying and Supercharging the Programmatic Marketplace

This whitepaper on header bidding is a must-read for everybody in the adtech industry. It lays out the basic facts, benefits, and implications of header bidding. One particular section of interest is the list of questions to ask of your header bidding partner and why they matter.

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Millennials Have Greatest Trust In Ads, Yet Are Among Heaviest Users Of Ad Blockers

There is a contradicting research study that reveals how Millennials actually trust digital media ads, yet are the first ones to employ ad blocking in their devices. This reaffirms the theory that ad blocking has more to do with user experience (i.e. interruption marketing), rather than mistrust in advertising.


11 Holiday Tips for Publishers

We’re bringing #12GiftsforPublishers this holiday season beginning October 2015 to January 2016. For 12 days, our blog readers are treated to awesome articles, infographics, and an exclusive freebie when they subscribe to our blog. To start with, we’ve published the Top 11 Holiday Tips for Publishers to help maximize ad revenues this season.

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