Bidder NOT configured for Any Ad Units, Publisher Impressions and Pageviews Not Available. Here’s How To Fix It.

Tip: If you enable our technology to track your traffic, you will receive optimization recommendations when running PubGuru Ad Inspector (PGAI) when available (e.g. ad networks you’re qualified for).

We could not detect this potentially high performing bidder on your ad inventory.

  1. Is this expected? If yes, you can ignore this error.
  2. Check if they have traffic requirements and if you qualify, try signing up.
  3. Is this bidder supposed to be live on your inventory? If yes, proceed below to troubleshoot.


Step 1: To allow our technology to track your traffic stats, enable API access on Ad Manager:

Step 2: Check to make sure & are added as ‘administrator’


Step 3: Open the relevant PubGuru header bidding configuration

Step 4: Verify the Placement IDs/parameters are correct

bidder parameters

Step 5: Save & publish

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