Bidder Is Not Yet Configured. Follow These Steps To Fix It

We could not detect this potentially high performing bidder on your ad inventory.

  1. Is this expected? If yes, you can ignore this error.
  2. Is this bidder supposed to be live on your inventory? If yes, proceed below to troubleshoot.


Step 1: Log into > PubGuru Header Bidding > Configurations

Step 2: Open the relevant configuration

Step 3: Verify the PIDs/parameters are correct

bid parameters

Step 4: Run PubGuru Ad Inspector using a US IP (VPN) as the error could possibly be a demand issue in your geographical location.

Step 5: If the Placement IDs(PIDs) are verified correct and the error persists, try upgrading your HB version.

Step 6: If still getting an error, contact your representative to make sure the domain is whitelisted.

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