Bid Size for Bidder is NOT Configured for Ad Unit Sizes. Here’s How To Fix It

The bidder is responding or bidding with a size not configured for the ad unit.


Verify if the ad size mentioned (size the bidder is responding with) in the error is valid or not. Valid means it should be part of the configured sizes for that ad unit.

If size is INVALID:

The bidder is responding with a bid for a size that’s not configured for that ad unit.

  1. Either reach out to the rep/ log into the UI (if UI is self-service) to correct the ad unit settings for PID with invalid size.
  2. If you need a new PID with the right size set, request from the rep or create one in the UI.
  3. Open the PGHB config where the issue is happening and replace the PID.


If size is VALID:

  1. Open your HB config and add the size in the ad unit settings or click ‘Get from GAM’
  2. Audit your Ad Manager ad unit settings. Pay attention to the sizes and edit if necessary.
    Ad Unit size
  3. If size mapping is active, add in the bidder size


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