Bid for Bidder on Ad Unit Came Back after GAM Fired. Here’s How To Fix It.

If the bidder timeout doesn’t match that of GAM, some bids can go to waste. Header Bidding is still throwing in bids while GAM is already closed.

This is an issue particularly those prior to 0.20.5 version.

  1. Upgrade to the latest stable version
  2. Run PubGuru Ad Inspector (PGAI) after 10-15 mins and see if you’re still getting the error. If yes, continue below.


Step 1: Open

Step 2: Go to DB Admin > ANS > Domains

Step 3: Search for the publisher’s domain, click Edit

Step 4: For the ‘timeout’ field, set it to match your GAM timeout (in milliseconds)

header bidder timeout

Step 5: Save

Step 6: Open the header bidding configuration/s > Save & publish to push the changes live


Checking the timeout using Dev Tools console

  1. Open the webpage where Header Bidding is running
  2. Right click anywhere on the page > Inspect
  3. Click on the Console tab
  4. Reload the page
  5. Type in m2hb.getTimeout();
    devtools timeout

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