Best Practices for Doubleclick Ad Exchange Publishers

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Last updated: February 9, 2021 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on February 9th, 2021

Ad Exchange is the premium version of AdSense. Thus, in terms of policies, they are most likely the same in every way. Whatever best practices that are effective in AdSense most of them are applicable to Ad Exchange as well.

Best Practices for Doubleclick Ad Exchange Publishers

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We are fully well aware that Google has its way to detect invalid activity. As a publisher, you are still accountable in checking the quality of your traffic quality current ad implementations on your site.

Now, what are your responsibilities as an AdX publisher?

Regardless of whether you’re utilizing a supply-side system or setting up your personal advertisements, make sure that you’ve set up ad implementation to avoid rejected ad requests. Be mindful of these alerts as they are warnings of non-relevant ads, and the probability of not showing any ads at all.

Also, making sure that your site is compliant with the AdX Seller Program Policies and Platform Program Policies will make your life less stressful. These guidelines consist of ad placement policies, content policies, user privacy issues, and details on invalid activity. Take note that automatically refreshing ads are still not allowed at this point in time. Google is still figuring out this functionality in a restricted beta version.

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Strategies for Network Partner Management

Network Partner Management is really a distinctive function associated with AdX. It can get a little more complicated for publishers so Google has set up a Help Center content in the form of the Network Partner Management checklist.

Additionally, the Ad Exchange Help Center features three new video tutorials that deal with the basics of NPM, including a UI tour and policy overview.
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