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Last updated: August 15, 2019 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on August 15th, 2019

We’ve been seeing a lot of new games this year and with this, more websites are popping out like mushrooms ranging from forums, reviews and gaming sites where you can actually play. For all the guy publishers out there or even for the hardcore women game site owners, here are some tips on how to properly monetize and earn more from your site.

Our recommendations apply to the following types of pages on your gaming website:

  • Information Page
  • Listing Page
  • Game Page with different Play pages.

Information Page

The Information page tells what your site is about and the games you feature.

ad layout page

Having an ad above the fold will positively affect your revenues and CPM since the ad will be first seen the moment they open the site. So have a 300×250 or 336×280 above the fold ad unit right above your game introduction. As you can see, it is below your navigation, please be reminded that if you have a drop down menu, it is important that you avoid overlapping your menu links with ads or putting it very close to your ads for it can cause accidental clicks.

You can then have 728×90 or 336×280 in the middle of your page. Put it below the game introduction and just above the comment box. Again, just a reminder, have enough space between your content and your ad to avoid accidental click.

Listing Page

The Listing page is where all the titles of your games are found.

list page

Since you are allowed to put 3 Google standard ad units per page, you can have two 728×90 and one 160×600 on your listing page.

The two 728×90 can be placed on top and bottom part of the page. For the first 728×90, put it on top of the game list and the second 728×90, below the game list. As for the 160×600, you can put it just below your navigation bar.

Game Page

You can have so many options on how to position everything on the game page. So we have prepared a few suggestions for you, but these placements depend on your game’s layout. Always have enough space away from your game frame, at least 150 pixel-distance to avoid accidental clicks.

Play Page 1

On this kind of layout, you can put one 468×60 above your game frame and one 728×90 at the bottom of your page.

play page 1

Play Page 2

On this second suggestion, you can only have 1 ad unit on your game page. You can place 728×90 just below the game play button.

layout 4

Play Page 3

Play page 3 shows that you can have one 728×90 ad unit. You can place it just above the game introductions.

layout 5

Play Page 4

The next layout will show you a more common gaming page setup. You can put a 160×600 on the right hand side of the game frame or you can also have it on the left.

layout 6

Play Page 5

On our last suggestion, you can have a 468×60 ad unit just below your game buttons, right above your navigation bar.

layout 7

As you experiment with these ad placement suggestions for game sites, just be reminded to review Google’s policies in order to avoid any ad implementation violation. To give you further details on how to successfully optimize and monetize your gaming site, check our series for the gaming vertical:

You can also directly contact us to make sure that you are on the right track in monetizing your gaming site.

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