Autozone Anchor-Bottom Unit is Not on Page. Here’s How To Fix It

You have configured an Anchor-Bottom unit but we can’t detect the div ID on page. You could be missing out on the earnings this highly viewable ad unit can deliver.

There are 3 sections where an ad unit div or body tag should be implemented:

Step 1: DFP ad unit code

GAM Ad Unit code

Step 2: Source code within <head> </head> (ON-page setup) or PubGuru header bidding configuration (OFF-page setup)

Step 3: Source code, within the <body> </body>


  1. Audit your PubGuru header bidding configuration if this was intentionally set as Anchor-Bottom and if this is part of the ad map
  2. Remove it from your header bidding configuration if you didn’t intend on using it for your page/site.
  3. If it should be part of the ad map, add the div ID anywhere within <body> </body>. Our technology will handle the behavior of serving it as an anchor unit.

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