Are You Experiencing The Following Authentication Error: NOT_WHITELISTED_FOR_API_ACCESS? Here’s How To Fix It

Publisher hasn’t provided DFP API access

As seen on notification dashboard:

KVP Sync

Server raised fault: ‘[AuthenticationError.NOT_WHITELISTED_FOR_API_ACCESS @ ]’

Step 1: Log into publisher’s DFP account

Step 2: Go to Admin > Global Settings > All Network Settings

Step 3: Toggle the button on API access to turn it on (you should see a green check)

network settings

Step 4: Go to Access & Authorization

Step 5: Under the list of Users, check if is already added as Administrator

select user

Step 6: If not, click on New User

choose new user

Step 7: Input the necessary info, and select Administrator for ‘Role’

new user details

Step 8: Click “Save”

Step 9: Login to kean@monetizemax account to accept the invite

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