App Monetization: First 30 Days Crucial for User Engagement

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Last updated: August 2, 2019 | by Kean Graham
first 30 days for app engagement crucial

This post was most recently updated on August 2nd, 2019

Are you an App Developer or Marketer? How long did it take you before you send out that first push notification to your users? It appears you’ve got only 30 days to make or break user engagement!

Kahuna, a mobile marketing automation company reveals in its recent study of more than 39 million mobile consumers: That app marketers can greatly influence the loyalty of their app users by sending the right messages on the first 30 days after installation.

The study was taken from across 16 different verticals such as travel, sports, music, finance, education, etc. Data on opt-ins and retention rates were analyzed from mobile consumers during the months of January to May 2015.

Push Notification and App Retention

They also found out that delivering push notifications can increase app retention rates longer than 30 days – up to 90 days. Of course, this would require opt-in permission by the user. In fact, an opted-in user is seen to have a 125% increase in retention rate for that first 30-day limit. Opting-in, therefore, is, “engagement critical”.

“Without an engagement marketing strategy, up to 90 percent of app installs do not become high-value users after 90 days,” noted the report.”

Android versus IOS Opt-in Rates

With regards to Android versus IOS opt-in rates, Android is seen to go above the industry average of 62% and is outperforming IOS in this aspect:

Push Notification Opt-in Rates Android versus IOS

It is known that Android users are automatically opted-in for messages, that’s why there’s this difference. But the statistic could be affected following the change in Android app permissions to come in.

App Monetization: 6 Steps to Increase Engagement and Monetization

Peter Dille, CMO of Tapjoy identifies a six-step-process on how to further increase engagement and monetization for your app:

  1. Understand users’ behaviors
  2. Build advanced user segments
  3. Set up custom messages and campaigns
  4. Deliver messages during contextually relevant moments
  5. Select the right channel
  6. Track, measure and optimize

He further notes that mobile marketing automation is key to unlock app monetization growth. It enables app developers to customize or personalize messages to specific user segments in order to generate the highest value.

If you are starting our your first app or is already running mobile apps, you can tap other monetization options hinge on user engagement. Contact MonetizeMore today to find out.

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