Your Current Ad Unit Header Bidding Sizes Are Unsupported. Here’s How To Fix Them.

Meaning: Ad Unit size added in the configuration does not exist in DFP.

Step 1: Start by logging into your publisher DFP account.

Step 2: Go to Inventory > Ad Units

Step 3: Click Filter > Filter by name

Step 4: Apply filters.

Step 5: Download the ad units.

ad units

Another way is to filter the ad units one by one by searching for them within DFP inventory:

ad unit select

Step 6: Log into

Step 7: Go to M2HB (MonetizeMore Header Bidding) > Configurations

Step 8: Search for the relevant configuration.

Step 9: Cross-check the ad sizes configured for each ad unit versus the sizes in DFP/File exported.

ad unit ID

Step 10: In case of a mismatch, determine which one is correct configuration vs DFP)

Step 11: If DFP is correct, click the button “Get from DFP” and it will automatically replace with the right sizes.

get from DFP

Step 12: If the configuration is correct, edit the size of the ad unit in question and make the necessary changes.

line item settings

Step 13: If you changed the configuration clickSave & Publish”.

Step 14: If you changed ad unit size on DFP click “Save”.

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