MonetizeMore AdTech Partner A/B Testing Guide

Last updated: August 13, 2020 | by Kean Graham
MonetizeMore AdTech Partner A/B Testing Guide (Header Bidding)

This post was most recently updated on August 13th, 2020

In this guide, we’ll go over how to use the MonetizeMore A/B testing tool. Keep in mind that the tool is only available to current MonetizeMore AdTech partners.

For more information on how to gain access to the tool, increase your ad revenues and partner with MonetizeMore, book a free consultation here.

The tool randomly assigns a pageview with the PubGuru Header Bidding wrapper or another wrapper, separating users into groups A for treatment 1(PubGuru Header Bidding) and B for treatment 2 (another wrapper).

This is how the code works

PubGuru Header Bidding function on page

Any publisher running the off page code will have a line of code on their site that looks something like this. Essentially, the code calls the PubGuru Header Bidding wrapper:

<script async=’async’ src=’’></script>

If you follow that link above, you’ll see the live PubGuru Header Bidding configuration for the example publisher. It might look a bit confusing if you aren’t familiar with the code, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see references to parameters, placements, sizes, bidders, etc.

The A/B test tool randomly assigns a page to call the above line or the js source of another monetization partner’s wrapper.

With this tool, when we refer to the “PubGuru Header Bidding wrapper”, we are talking about the line of code above found on any PubGuru Header Biddingenabled webpage.

Finding the PubGuru Header Bidding wrapper on page

You can find the line of code by following these steps:

Step 1: Right clicking on any page running the PubGuru Header Bidding wrapper.

Step 2: Click on the option “view source” or “page source.”

Step 3: Search for “M2HB” or “m2d” in the source code page using Ctrl + F.

Note: Don’t be intimidated by the source code! You can search for whatever you are looking for in there just like a standard web page.

Example page, source code search for our script below

Example URL:

screenshot of site

Example source code search:

m2d code

How to use the A/B testing tool

Now that you know what we are split testing (the line that points the m2d or M2HB configuration, as illustrated above), we can look at the testing tool code and how it works.

To gain access to the MonetizeMore A/B testing tool contact us for a free consultation today!

Here is a copy of the code that we updated on Monday, Jan 15th, 2018. Comments below illustrate how to operate the tool.

Very important: Please do not copy and paste this code for use in testing. This example has been modified not to work. It is for demonstration purposes only.

* This code snippet allows a publisher to run a split test between PubGuru Header Bidding and another Wrapper. A few things to know:

* You should set the other wrapper’s name below at otherWrapper (line 34).

* Add the 3rd party wrapper code in the end brackets (line 120).

* You MUST add the wrapper names as a KVP (key-value pair) in DFP for reporting. This script passes up the wrapper that’s running on a pageview as a KVP on all impressions. In DFP, you go into Inventory > Key Values, then add the KVP key=wrapper, and values=M2HB and the other wrapper name.

* The publisher must still include M2HB ad divs on the page.

* The split defaults to 50/50. If you want to modify this, find the ‘split’ variable below and adjust the formula. Note that you cannot compare CPMs alone, as slow wrappers will tend to fill fewer impressions. Instead, scale the total revenue by the split amount. So for example, if one wrapper gets 80% of pageviews and the other gets 20%, the wrapper that gets 80% should have its revenue divided by 0.8, and the wrapper that gets 20% should have its revenue divided by 0.2. Both of these should use the same period.

* This script will keep users on the same wrapper for one day so that the user is not flip-flopping wrappers back and forth throughout the session.

* You can set the wrapper for a particular pageview by adding the wrapper into the URL. For example, This is for debugging only. Do not link to these pages. The wrapper name is case-sensitive.

50/50 Example Code Below: Please do not copy and paste this code for use in testing. This example has been modified not to work. It is for demonstration purposes only.


wrapper function

wrapper code

In conclusion

Testing different header bidding wrappers and partner performance play a critical role in optimizing your ad revenue. If you like to find out more about our PubGuru Header Bidding platform, and how MonetizeMore can help take your publisher revenue to the next level in 2018 book your free consultation today.

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