#AdsenseWednesdays: What are the Different Forms of Invalid Traffic?

Ad Fraud & Invalid Traffic
Last updated: October 8, 2020 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on October 8th, 2020

In this virtual world, everything is connected to one another. Just like Google, publishers, advertisers, and users are connected and linked together. When one party starts to act unfairly to earn more, this will surely affect the other parties. So Google made sure that such activities won’t happen and won’t affect the overall health of the online world. One of these activities that are problematic is the issue of invalid traffic.

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Invalid Traffic is a process of clicking the ads intentionally to increase your revenue which is a big red flag in Google Policy. But there are several other forms of invalid traffic that any publisher needs to steer clear of:

1) Clicking ads on their own site

When the owner, friends or family click the ads on the site.

2) Click Farm

Hiring people to do the clicking on their site so they can either give incentives to them when they click on the ads or have a bot do it for them.

3) Misleading users

This is when you format your ads to perfectly blend with your content so the users can accidentally click on it. Some use misleading labels or have a confusing content-to-ad layout that can cause users to accidentally click on them.

No matter how you monetize your site, as long as it is not based on genuine user interest, then this is considered invalid traffic. Those publishers running on Adsense and Ad Exchange can risk their ad serving being disabled once Google found out. So as much as possible, traffic your site in a most honest way.

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At Monetizemore, we have a strict process of screening sites and ensure that we advise publishers on how to protect their properties from fraudulent or invalid traffic via traffic suppression technologies. These technologies are important investments for site protection. They have a high standard in filtering the traffic that goes to your site and automatically block the fraudulent type.

Contact us today so we can help you implement this technology and be assured that your site is safe from invalid activity.

You can also sign-up for FREE to Ad Exchange or become a Premium Publisher.

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