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Google now offers (in beta) responsive ad units for their AdSense publishers. This is especially helpful for those monetizing their mobile ad inventory. Responsive ads react to device source traffic in order to display the website or ad properly for the user accessing it in his/her preferred medium (desktop, mobile, tablet).

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Many publishers have adopted this new technology and have been open with the increased performance (and earnings!) because of AdSense’s responsive ad units.
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What are the benefits of responsive ad units?

Google AdSense outlines these key features of its responsive ad units:

1) Automatic sizing based on the space available. To make your code simpler and save you time and effort, our responsive ad code automatically adapts the ad unit size to your page layout. We calculate the required size dynamically based on the width of the ad unit’s parent container, then determine what’s the best standard height to go with that width.

For example, if you have a <div> with a width of 30% and you place our ad code within the <div>, then depending on the width of the user’s screen, we’ll automatically serve different ad sizes. If your page is viewed on a tablet with a width of 1024px, we’ll serve a 307×250 ad, and if it’s view on a 21″ desktop PC with a 1680px width, we’ll serve a 504×60 ad.

2) Support for ad size changes after a screen orientation change. If your responsive page changes its layout following a device orientation change (e.g., when a tablet or phone goes from portrait to landscape), we’ll request and load a new ad of the correct dimensions to fit the new page layout.

  • When we load a new ad following a device orientation change, we cache the original ad that was shown. If the device then returns to its previous orientation, we’ll show the original ad again rather than load another new ad.
  • As the ad refresh behavior for screen orientation changes creates additional ad requests, you might notice a slight decrease in your RPM and CTR metrics. Please be assured though that there’s no impact to your overall revenue.


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