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Ads.txt Adoption Report 2018

Transparency in AdTech: Publisher adoption of the ads.txt standard grows as the AdTech industry continues to battle fraudulent actors across the ad supply chain.

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Ads.txt Adoption Report Q1 2018

13% of the Top 25,000

Through our analysis of the Top 25,000 Domains rated by Alexa in April 2018 we found that only 13% of these sites had the IAB's ads.txt file implemented. Our research of the Top 100,000 Domains rated by Alexa only showed an adoption rate of 24%. This runs contrary to other reports across the industry and paints a darker picture of the ongoing domain fraud that's happening across the advertising marketplace.

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More transparency, higher prices

In the fall of 2017, every major AdTech platform started requiring ads.txt to be implemented and kept up to date in order for publishers to participate in their marketplaces. With adoption lacking across the Top 100,000 this means a lack of verified inventory for advertisers which will continue creating an upward swing in programmatic prices through 2018.

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Fighting counterfeit inventory

Clamping down on counterfeit inventory with ads.txt will help bring more trust to the programmatic marketplace. The adoption of ads.txt will be a major step in getting rid of intentionally mislabeled inventory that has been plaguing the AdTech industry since it's inception. If we want the industry to continue it's rapid growth, advertisers are going to continue demanding these initiatives to ensure a fair and transparent marketplace to buy digital ad placements across the web.

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Kean Graham

CEO of MonetizeMore

"Ads.txt has been established as a pillar in the ad tech industry to provide additional transparency and preventing ad fraud. Thanks to the initial adoption of the major players in ad tech, it was implemented by affected publishers relatively quickly. This is a sign of a maturing industry that is becoming more efficient."