Your ad unit doesn’t have any winning line item serving and it’s an earning opportunity missed out. Follow these steps to fix it.


Step 1: Check if there are other errors in PubGuru Ad Inspector that you can fix. If you deployed fixes, refresh and re-run PubGuruAI. If this error persists, proceed below.

Step 2: Log into Google Ad Manager > Orders

Step 3: Search for MM_HBS orders and make sure the status is either ‘Ready’ or ‘Delivering’.

LI delivering

Step 4: If any of them is paused, select the Order and click ‘Resume’.

Step 5: Check your Ad Exchange and House line items to make sure they are targeting 100% of your ad inventory (all ad sizes, all devices, all geographical locations are covered) and are either ‘Ready’ or ‘Delivering’.

Step 6: Go to Inventory > Ad Units

Step 7: Check to make sure your Ad Units are Active

ad unit Active

Step 8: Go to Inventory > Key-values

Step 9: Check to make sure ‘m2_pb’ KVP exists. This is required for PubGuru Header Bidding to work.


Step 10: Audit your Bidder parameters if they are all correct.

bidder code

Step 11: Audit your div ID’s in the source code.

Off-page setup: You should see at least 1 result in the body.

desktop sidebar code

On-page setup: If you see in your results that you have 3 matches (1 in the header, 2 in the body) then that means that the div id is set up properly.

div ad code

Step 12: If everything looks good, clear your cache, and refresh the page. Re-run PubGuru Ad Inspector.

Step 13: Try using a VPN to try another IP address as it’s possibly an issue with demand.

Step 14: If the issue persists, try upgrading your PubGuru Header Bidding version.

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