An Ad Ops’ Insight on Google’s Publisher University

The more you know, the more you know that you didn’t know. Google’s Publisher University gave us this exact feeling while going through every module. It’s no piece of cake. It was a bit lengthy and tedious that you would even think of throwing a party after you graduate the courses. Of course, that’s an exaggeration!

But yes, you’ll be several steps wiser than when you started. The lessons are interactive, with videos and pictures where appropriate so you’ll less likely to get bored.
Here are some of the key takeaways which I find extremely useful to publishers and traffickers alike:

Adsense Publisher University

1) Tools

Page Speed Insights and Page Speed Optimization

Page speed is key to better website performance. This tool can analyze the content of your site, generate a detailed report and offer suggestions for optimization and speed improvement.

Google developer tools

2) AdSense Experiments

Such a brilliant feature within the AdSense interface! It allows publishers to conduct A/B testing with creative designs (fonts, colors) and decide which performs best. All you do is run the test, wait until AdSense shows 95% Confidence level, then you choose the winner.

Google AdSense experiments

3) Allow/Block Setting: Similar-sized display ads

This is another setting within AdSense which you have the option to enable/disable. When enabled, smaller ad sizes than the predetermined ad unit size, but are higher performing at a given impression will be allowed to serve.

Google AdSense display ad sizes

Ad Exchange Publisher University

1) Minimum CPM floors

Without undermining your Branded minimum CPMs, it is strongly recommended that you allow buyers and advertisers to buy your remnant inventory anonymously at any price, thus specifying minimum CPM of $0.00. For example, you can set $3.00 min CPM for your Branded inventory, but keep Anonymous inventory at $0.00 —  it means the advertiser will have to pay at least $3 to see your Branded impressions, but may also buy anonymously for any price above $0.

setting cpm floors

2) Google Publisher Toolbar

Publishers can quickly view Ad Exchange metrics, account details, find and block ads easily.

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Google Publisher Toolbar

DFP Publisher University for Traffickers

1) Custom Targeting

This is another brilliant feature in DFP wherein traffickers can conveniently target pages, devices, keywords, etc. with the same set of ad units. It can save you a lot of time although it requires some special codes when implementing on the site. If you are a programmer, this one’s very easy.

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2) Delivery settings within the line item

This DFP feature gives traffickers more control over ad delivery behavior. Publishers/traffickers can decide on how the impressions are to be delivered (Evenly, Frontloaded, As fast as possible), how the creatives are to be displayed (One, All, One or more, As many as possible), and how the creatives are to be rotated (Evenly, Optimized, Weighted, Sequential). You may also specify the day and time plus the frequency for a line item to serve.

Every option mentioned above is essential to a successful web monetization.

delivery settings

3) DFP will not serve the same creative more than once

Initial reaction: What?! Seriously?!

Yes, I know you’ve been doing this mistake for a while now. This is applicable to House line items. If there are 2 or more ad units of the same size, upload separate creatives. Now you know!

These Google products have more to offer than we thought. If you think you are an expert and you don’t need to go through Google Publisher University, think again! The lessons are too valuable to miss. Make sure you take your time and digest every piece of information as you go through the lessons. It’s going to be worth your time.

At MonetizeMore, we take pride in the 100% passing rate across the board. All our staff, from the top executives to the rank and file are proud of this achievement. We can now proudly say that MonetizeMore is composed of no less than AdSense – Ad Exchange – DFP – certified team members!

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