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DoubleClick Ad Exchange was designed for big brand advertisers and premium publishers. It is the most consolidated source of demand from across the online ad purchasing market. MonetizeMore is able to offer a DoubleClick Ad Exchange account access to each publisher that partners with us. Below are the reasons why it performs better than any other demand source:

  • Programmatic Exchange – Get access to demand across many ad networks and demand-side platforms.
  • More Ad Optimization Tools – We utilize additional tools to further increase your RPM performance.
  • Advanced Targeting Technology – Sophisticated targeting technology that results in more engaging ads.
  • Avoid Channel Conflict: Avoid cannibalizing your premium sales by running anonymous ad tags to prevent premium advertisers from buying your ad impressions for cheaper.
  • Fast Payments: Receive quick monthly payments anywhere in the world via wire, PayPal or Hyperwallet.
  • Google Policy Consultation: We give you customized advice how to become Google compliant.
  • Link up your Google Analytics account  – MonetizeMore can set this up for you to help you make data-driven business decisions based on ad and website performance.

DoubleClick Ad Exchange is the only ad exchange that offers real-time access to major demand sources, plus all the demand of Google AdSense. That, coupled with more complex targeting technology leads to better performance. We utilize the additional optimization tools on a 24/7 basis to maximize your ad revenues. Check out more features and pricing about our Ad Exchange Plan here

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“I’ve been watching this team at work for the past week, and I have to say – they are really good.  Top-notch professionals. The back-end has been completely gutted and reworked properly, and the advertisements/networks have been majorly reshuffled as well.” WuxiaWorld

WuxiaWorld, WuxiaWorld.com

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