Help! My Ad Exchange Revenue is Dropping!

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Last updated: July 22, 2019 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on July 22nd, 2019

So you’ve set up DoubleClick for Publishers with Adsense. Everything’s set up correctly, you let it sit and…your Ad Exchange revenue starts to plummet. You can’t afford such sinking revenues, so how can you stop the bleeding? What’s going on?

This is a fairly common occurrence in Adsense with DoubleClick for Publishers, but there isn’t one specific reason why this occurs. The simplest — and likeliest — explanation is simple supply and demand. Since Adsense ads are sold on a bidding system, the price represents what ad buyers are willing to pay moment-to-moment. If competition for a certain ad category dries up, you might see dropping revenues.

To fix this issue, check to ensure that your remnant networks are correctly configured as line items in DFP. Since AdSense will compete with your remnant networks on price based on the CPM you set, raise the remnant network’s target CPM.

You can also switch your async tags to “sync” to see if that fixes the problem.

Finally, if you’re using Single Request, remove the line item for “Enable SingleRequest” from all header ad tags on your site. The reason this works is simple: Single Request counts impressions from the head code, so if a user loads the page without loading anything except the head, the ad network will register impressions without revenue. That’s a surefire way to see plummeting ad revenues.

Dropping Adsense revenues doesn’t have to mean panic; it’s often just a matter of recalibrating your settings. If you still don’t see increased revenues, try Google Ad Exchange — Google’s premium ad network.

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