Ad Exchange Evolves with Admeld

Last updated: April 17, 2022 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on April 17th, 2022

When Google Ad Exchange added Admeld’s features in 2012 after its high-profile purchase of the eponymous company, it added quite a few incredible features for staying up-to-speed on all of your ad units. As we’ve discussed in this blog before, a huge aspect of increasing your ad revenue is simply being aware of your inventory and how it’s being managed. Ad Exchange’s new Admeld features give you unprecedented control over and access to your ad inventory.

Admeld has added a series of enhancements that provide with even more transparency into who’s buying, more control over how you sell, and — ultimately — higher yields for your ad inventory. It’s just one of the many reasons why Ad Exchange publishers make more overall ad revenue from higher CPMs than other publishers do.

The Admeld features include advanced programmatic tools like Preferred Deals and Private Auctions, and also includes the best features of Admeld such as ad network optimization and increased transparency and control. Premium Admeld features that people used to pay good money for are now included in Ad Exchange free of charge thanks to Google’s purchase of Admeld.

Admeld Platform Retirement

All clients have been informed of the retirement of the Admeld platform and brand on September 30. Publishers who were using Admeld have until November 1st to retrieve any historical reporting data currently available in the Admeld Portal. Admeld Legacy Edition will continue to inspire AdExchange’s design decisions, but at this point Admeld should be considered feature-complete; no future versions of Admeld will be released to previous customers.

Integrating Admeld’s ad network optimization engine into the exchange helps tap into demand as real-time bidders continue to grow. The Admeld engine is what allows you to set up private auctions. Private auctions end up with higher rates than general auctions do, as the buyers with more money to spend on ads spend it on private auctions. It fosters a more robust marketplace, which is ultimately better for buyers. These auctions help drive higher overall CPMs, because ad network tags can compete dynamically against real-time bidders.

Subscribe to this blog to learn more about these Admeld features that have been integrated into Ad Exchange; we’ll be writing about more of these features in the coming weeks. We really think these AdMeld features are perfect for managing and optimizing your ad revenue stream. If you need help managing your ad revenue, contact us today. We help our clients increase their ad revenue by 50-100%, and we’d love to get started on optimizing your revenue, too.

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