Pricing Plans for MonetizeMore

MonetizeMore is your premium destination for programmatic
ad optimization tailored for digital publishers.


Publisher monetization solutions to increase your ad revenues.

Premium Publisher

Minimum traffic 20M PV/mo

  • A team of dedicated ad optimization experts that handles all your monetization needs.
  • Best RPM performance via proprietary optimization techniques and technology.
  • Exclusive access to premium demand partners and ad networks.
  • Free DFP Ad Server Implementation
  • Content ad quality and pagespeed monitoring
  • Access to the premium version of AdSense: DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

PubGuru Ad Ops Platform

Minimum traffic 500K PV/mo

  • Comprehensive tool for DIY ad optimization.
  • Easy DoubleClick for Publisher (DFP) Implementation with step-by-step tutorials.
  • Simple header bid ad server allows you to easily add and optimize ad networks of your choice.
  • Access to the premium version of AdSense: DoubleClick Ad Exchange.
  • Access additional premium demand via over 50 header bid networks.
  • Unified reporting and DFP

What Publishers Need

Performance. Ownership. Customization


We have perfected our ad optimization practices and technology for over 7 years. this is why some of the largest sites in the world trust us with 100% of their ad revenue optimization and we charge based on our performance.


We not only give 100% transparency into what‘s happening in your ad inventory, we implement our ad optimization practices and technology in your owned ad server. Don‘t give away ownership of your number one revenue source to other companies!


We customize our ad optimization practices to your website and users. Ad optimization isn‘t a one-size-fits-all science. The customization within our ad optimization and technology is what sets MonetizeMore apart.

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