Our Background


MonetizeMore was founded in January, 2010 in Victoria, BC, Canada by Kean Graham. MonetizeMore began with the mission to realize the elusive opportunity on behalf of publishers: ad monetization. Many large publishers monetize their free content by simply placing Google AdSense ads directly on page. After that, you’re done right? Now to focus on the important aspects like building unique quality content, nurturing a community, SEO, direct sales and building new tech features. Out of all the aspects that were just mentioned, ad optimization tends to be the lowest hanging fruit in terms of immediate and sustained profit growth. MonetizeMore was able to prove this with the first publisher partner and many more success stories since.


 Over the past five years, MonetizeMore has grown to optimize the unsold ad inventories of  thousands of publishers that reach over 240M unique visitors per month. Google had    noticed the performance and value MonetizeMore has brought to the industry and decided  to grant MonetizeMore certified partner status.

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“Before outsourcing to MonetizeMore, we used to spend a lot of time negotiating with separate advertisers, calculating and comparing what’s best. Luckily, MM has taken all the monetization process into their hands, giving us more time to focus on what’s most important – our own website. MM has attracted premium advertisers and increased our earnings by 87%.” Tomas Banisauskas

Founder, BoredPanda.com

“MonetizeMore boosted our monthly banner ad revenues by over 250%.”

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