A9 Legacy Bidder Configured by Publisher or Third Party Demand Source. Here’s How To Fix It

An old version of Amazon A9 bidder is running on the page.

Important: Amazon A9 works on version 0.20.5 or up


Step 1: Open your PubGuru header bidding configuration

Step 2: If you have ‘amazon’ bidder configured in the ad unit level, have them removed/deleted

Amazon bidder

Step 3: Amazon pubID should be added under Bidder Controls

amazon publisher services screenshot

Step 4: Save & publish

Step 5: Search your source code if you have deployed/hardcoded ‘amznads’ previously as a bidder. If yes, have those codes removed.

Step 6: Verify that you have the latest version of Amazon Order & Line items configured in your Ad Manager account. If in doubt, reach out to your ad representative.

line item

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