5 Tips for More Viewable Video Ads

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Advertisers want to be assured that when they pay for a video ad, the viewers would actually see the advertisement. There are a lot of factors that affect the ad to be seen, such as the viewer scrolls past the ad on the page or the viewer did not really scroll to the part of the page where the ad is placed. With these things in mind, Google recently identified 5 factors that affect video ad viewability.

It is being said that a video ad is considered viewable when at least 50% of the ad’s pixels are visible on a screen for at least two consecutive seconds, as defined by the Media Rating Council (MRC), in conjunction with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Tip #1: If you’re a video producer, go for Youtube Ads for monetization via the Youtube Partner Program


The Youtube Partner Program allows publishers of video creators to monetize their content on Youtube through advertisements and paid subscriptions. As a registered Youtube Partner, your videos may earn from relevant ads. The good news is, YouTube’s video viewability across all platforms is 91% higher than the average of 54%.

Tip #2: Make your website mobile-friendlyvideo ad viewing stats across devices

With the recent update on Google favoring mobile-friendly sites, most ad developers and creators have been catching up to this trend for their ads to be viewable on mobile devices. Video ads are now significantly more viewable on mobile and tablet devices than on a regular desktop.

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Tip #3: Make sure the ads actually appear on the screen for maximum viewability

viewability of ads

According to the study, 76% of non-viewable ads were never on screen. They were located in a background tab or not on the screen at all, and 24% of non-viewable ads were scrolled off-screen or abandoned in fewer than two seconds.

Tip #4: Go for larger Player Sizes

video ad sizes

Large video ad players are more viewable than any other small-sized video players across the web. According to research conducted by Google, larger ad sizes have been revealed to boost high viewability rate.

viewability rate for video ads april 2015

Tip #5: Experiment with various ad positions. Try the best video ad locations

video ad locations

Another factor for video ad viewability is the location. It has been found that ads located at the top or center of the page have highest viewability rates. Video ad position parallels to higher viewability. The more noticeable the position, the more viewable the ad.

Digital Video Advertising is growing rapidly and it is indispensable for marketers and advertisers to learn more on how to make use of this method effectively and productively.

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