2016 New Year’s Resolutions for New Publishers – MEME Edition

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January 12, 2016 | by Kean Graham
Go Mobile Responsive

The start of the year is a good way to kickstart your new year’s resolutions. New webmasters are at an advantage with the wisdom that comes from seasoned experts in the ever-dynamic field of advertising technology. Whether your goal for the year is to accustom yourself with ad operations, maximize revenue, or both, here are some nice new year’s resolutions to help you get started with a bang.


1. Recognize that content is king.

Content is King

All webmasters go through the process of providing unique and useful content. It is the driving force that helps increase monetization possibilities and site traffic.


2. Implement your ads properly.

Master Ad Implementation

At first, it may not be as easy as Kermit sipping Lipton tea, but correctly practicing ad implementation is a worthwhile investment of your time. Make sure that you allot enough time this year to learning what works in the full range of acceptable ad implementation schemes.

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3. Get a head start by taking some risks.

Header Bidding

New solutions like header bidding may seem like a daunting frontier. While some people may advise against it, it’s worth taking the time to get to know what it does for you and how it can help you increase your website income.


4. Absorb knowledge from the right sources.

DFP for Beginners

You can save the time and keep yourself from reinventing the wheel by going with tried and tested methods. One of the best ways to learn these methods is by reading up. Just make sure that you have reliable and credible sources as you go along.

Check out our DFP for Beginners Series.


5. Weave a web of policy compliant ads.

Review Adsense Policy

Violations can sting harder than a spider bite. It’s best to err on the side of caution and make sure that you’ve got all your bases covered by reviewing your ads vis-a-vis the Adsense policy for content. Check out the 10 Most Common Adsense Violations [MEME Edition].


6. Take your site on a monetization road trip by trying new paths and unchartered territories.

Native and Video Advertising

The advertising technology landscape is filled with possibly bleeding edge tools. And if you are at the frontier, you will find your website evolving dynamically with the times without fear of becoming obsolete. Continue to discover new avenues of earnings from ads like native ads and video advertising.

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7. Focus on user experience to prevent ad blockages.

UX to Fight Ad Blocking

The purpose of ads is to engage people and not annoy them. Make sure that you balance your ad distribution visually with the proper user experience. Here are 5 Ways Publishers Can Fight Ad Blocking through Better User Experience.


8. Don’t ignore the call of mobile-responsiveness.

Go Mobile Responsive

Designing your website for mobile and desktop ensures that you are maximizing your potential revenue and reach.


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